Rail Mill

Pueblo, Colorado

The EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Steel Rail Mill is the only domestic producer of premium rail for railroads and has an annual capacity of 580,000 tons a year. Our DHH 390, DHH 390s (micro alloy), HCP 410 and OCP 425 rail, consistently exceed stringent AREMA specifications for premium head-hardened rail.

Using advanced technologies, our manufacturing and process control systems produce the highest quality standard carbon and high-strength, deep head-hardened rail, providing the greatest depth of hardness in the industry.

Rail products include American Railway Engineers Association rail, and International Union of Railways rail.

Industry Firsts:
  • Ladle Treatment Station
  • DHH 390 (390 BHN) Deep Head Hardened Rail
  • DHH 390s (390 BHN) Micro Alloy Rail
  • HCP 410 (410 BHN) High Carbon Pearlite Rail
  • OCP 425 (425 BHN) One Carbon Pearlite Rail
  • Standard rail with increased hardness, minimum 310 BHN
  • Long-length rails—continuously welded in 1/4 mile strings
  • Rolling rails from rounds—insures dimensional control and maintains consistent metallurgical properties
  • In-line ultrasonic inspection using linear and phased array ultrasonic technology—looks for internal defects without compromising product

Plant Location

  • EVRAZ Pueblo
  • 2100 South Freeway
  • Pueblo, Colorado 81004
  • Phone: 719-561-6000
  • Fax: 719-561-6037 or 719-561-6375