Steel Plate

EVRAZ Regina and Portland collectively produce over 500 grades and specifications of steel plate and are known for its ability to provide products and services that consistently satisfy our customers' expectations.

Our plate products span a wide variety of grades and sizes of hot-rolled plate, strip mill plate and heat-treated plate.

We produce as-rolled carbon, high-strength-low-alloy and alloy grades, plus heat-treated carbon and alloy grades.

Heat-treated plate is available from EVRAZ Portland in the quenched and tempered, normalized or process annealed condition.

Our ability to turn and roll product to width before we finish the length allows us great flexibility in producing our customers' specific dimensions.

Steel plate is used to produce railcars, barges, ocean-going vessels, industrial equipment, large diameter pipe for oil and natural gas transmission, wind towers, bridges, and many other applications.



  • .1875" to 8" (4.76mm to 203mm)


  • 48" to 135" (1.2m to 3.43 m)


  • 96" to 1400" (2.4m to 35.5m)

Data Sheets

Steel Plate Grades

  • Structural
  • Pressure Vessel
  • Shipbuilding
  • Abrasion Resisting
  • Boron
  • Armor

Steel Plate Product Groups

  • As-rolled Discrete Plate
  • Temper-passed cut-to-length plate
  • Quenched and tempered plate
  • Normalized plate

Additional Processing

  • Shot-blasting
  • Prime coating
  • Restricted tolerances
  • Edge trimming

Steel Plate Specifications

As-rolled Plate Grades Heat Treated Grades Military Armor Grades
ASTM A36 ASTM A514 MIL-A-12560
ASTM A285 ASTM A516 MIL-A-46177
ASTM A455 ASTM A517 MIL-A-46100
ASTM A633 Armalloy
ASTM A572 ASTM A710 CG2001
ASTM A573 Oregon AR 350 CG2002
ASTM A588 Oregon AR 400 S-05-603
ASTM A656 Oregon AR425 S-05-605
ASTM A709 Oregon AR 450
ASTM A871 Oregon AR 500
ABS Formalloy 400
CSA G40.21 44W
CSA G40.21 50W
CSA G40.21 50WT
CSA G40.21 50A
CSA G40.21 50AT
Formalloy 500
Lloyds Formalloy 525
AR 200
AR 235
Weldalloy 80
1008 to 1045 Weldalloy 100
HR 100 Weldalloy 130
API 5L to X80 Weldalloy 140
HPS 70

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