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Leading the Charge for a Clean Future

From developing the first solar-powered steel mill in the world to using 100% recycled ferrous scrap for our EAF-based steel operations, EVRAZ North America is on a mission to change the future for the better. We are leading the charge with best in class clean energy solutions such as: Wind, Hydrogen, Geothermal and Carbon Capture.

EVRAZ North America is a leading supplier of steel plate for wind energy, supporting the build out of zero carbon electricity across North America for more than a decade. With the passage of U.S. and Canadian incentives for renewable energy, over 150 GW of wind capacity is expected to be added by 2030, doubling current wind energy generation capacity. 

The supply of low carbon North American steel is critical to the development of renewable wind power, and our Portland plate mill has the proven capabilities to supply a range of grades, gauges, and widths for wind towers.   


Our plate experts have the experience and knowledge to meet the steel needs of wind tower manufacturers today and in the future.

Our Low Carbon Steel for Wind Towers

Hydrogen (H2) is a key component of the global energy transition, but achieving the promise of a full hydrogen ecosystem will require a transformative build-out of transmission and storage infrastructure across North America.


Steel pipelines offer the most cost effective and safest method to transmit high-volume, high-pressure H2. As a early pioneer in steel pipelines and the first North American pipe producer to qualify steel for 100% H2 transportation, ENA is at the forefront of solving the inherent challenges presented by pure H2 environments. 

KIH Toughness 
Assessment Standards

Leading government-sponsored project for new high-pressure tests for KIH toughness assessment

Evaluation of Different Tests (ASME B31.12, ASTM E1820, Fatigue, etc.)

Joint Industry Project (JIP) with Edison Welding Institute (Ohio, USA). Fracture toughness assessment using different standard tests, B31.12, E1820, FCGR, SSRT, etc.

Hydrogen Embrittlement Design & Testing

Optimizing metallurgy and weld designs to enhance HE resistance of high-strength line pipe (collaborations with industry, academic and other research forums)

Metallurgical Simulation for HE

Developing computational tools to predict alloying influence on the susceptibility of ferritic steel (with NETL)

HSAW Pipe for H2

Evaluating forming and welding parameters of large diameter spiral welded pipe for 100% H2 environments

Why Choose EVRAZ to Meet Your Hydrogen Needs:

  • Leader in the development of hydrogen ready infrastructure

  • Offer a broad range of transmission and down hole tubular solutions

  • Only fully vertically integrated tubular supplier in North America

  • In-house steel and pipe R&D; world class testing capabilities; broad technical partnerships

  • Flexible, customizable, and cost effective solutions

For over 25 years, EVRAZ North America has set the standard in thermal oil drilling with the EVRlock QB2 and the EVRlock QB2-XL connections. Our premium connections were the first in the industry to successfully complete an open evaluation to the ISO/PAS 12835 (TWCCEP) standard.


With the advent of geothermal as a proven energy source, ENA is leveraging its OCTG knowledge to meet the demands of the most extreme geothermal environments.  Today, the QB2-XL is one of the only connections that can meet the unique and evolving challenges facing geothermal operators worldwide.

Geothermal Challenges

  • High Volume, Large Diameter Wells

  • Extreme Temperature Reservoirs

  • Temperature Differential

  • Structural Integrity

  • High Cost

ENA Connections

  • Qualified at Large Diameters (up to 10.75”)

  • Qualified up to 350º C (662º F)

  • Only connection to consistently show no seepage during ISO/PAS 1283 (TWCCEP) cold cycle (ASL 290 and 350) 

  • High Collapse Values and Good Sealability

  • Proven, Cost-Effective ERW Solution 

Meet Our Development Partner

EVRAZ NA has been a leader in the production of CO2 transmission and storage infrastructure for over a decade, offering a range of steel tubular solutions for CCUS applications.

ENA offers leading R&D capabilities with deep technical partnerships to solve the current and future challenges of our CCUS customers.

Qualification Standards

Collaboration with industry, university, and government partners to develop new or modify existing fracture arrest testing for CO2 qualification.

Impurities & Corrosion

EVRAZ is a supporting member of a Joint Industry Project to study the effect of impurities on the corrosion behavior of line pipe steel.

Fracture Arrest

Partnerships with industry, university, and government partners to mitigate brittle and ductile fracture in CCUS pipelines.

C02 Gathering & Transmission

  • Line Pipe: 4.5” to 48”

  • X52-X80

  • Sour Service

  • Specialized Grades

C02 Gathering & Transmission

  • Casing: 4.5” to 13 3/8”

  • Carbon & Alloy Grades

  • Proprietary Premium Connections

Why Choose EVRAZ North America for Your CCUS Infrastructure Needs

  • Proven North American supplier of CCUS infrastructure

  • Offer a broad range of transmission and down hole tubular solutions

  • Only fully vertically integrated tubular supplier in     North America

  • In-house steel and pipe R&D; world-class testing capabilities; broad technical partnerships

  • Flexible, customizable, and cost-effective solutions


Boundary Dam

CO2 Injection Wells

Quest CCS

64km 30”
CO2 Pipeline

Alberta Carbon
Trunk Line

Wolf/ Enhance Energy
240km 12”/16”
CO2 Pipeline

Belle Plaine
Carbon Hub

Whitecap/ FCL
26.5km 12”
CO2 Pipeline

Battle River
Carbon Hub

Carbon Alpha/ Heartland Generation
Casing/ Connections
CO2 Injection Wells




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