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​100% MELTED

​Melted and poured in North America

​75% FEWER

​GHG emissions than traditional steel making


​energy used in our steel making power mix


​steel using zero coal or iron ore


​content used in our steel

​90% LOWER

​water usage than the global steel industry

We’re Proud To Share Our Top Achievements & Sustainability Initiatives

We Lead The Way In Sustainability

Transforming Industries with Sustainable Steel Solutions: EVRAZ North America leads the way in minimizing environmental impact through remarkably low emissions, giving our customers a competitive edge in the market with products that align with their sustainability goals. Our commitment to responsible manufacturing practices and eco-friendly solutions drives a better future, empowering customers to enhance their bottom line while making a positive impact on the planet.

EVRAZ North America leads with low emissions, empowering customers for a greener advantage.

In 2021, Evraz North America Pueblo became the first steel mill in the world to be almost entirely powered by solar energy. The 240MW Bighorn Solar field can supply up to 95% of Pueblo Steel’s electricity needs and reduces our emissions by up to 50%. In 2022, the Solar Energy Industries Association ranked Evraz North America as a top 10 corporate adopter of solar energy and the leading solar adopter in the manufacturing sector.

  • Leading steel supplier to the wind energy sector

  • Exploring carbon capture and hydrogen combustion in our steel making processes

  • Modifying our operations to reduce material consumption, improve efficiency and reduce emissions

  • Advancing our steel offering for hydrogen and CO2 pipelines and storage and geothermal energy

​Impactful Initiatives Underway

Steel that powers, builds, transports and connects North America.

At EVRAZ North America, we are proud to spearhead the industry in sustainable steelmaking, setting a new standard for environmental responsibility. As the only mill in the world powered by solar energy, we are forging a path towards a greener future. We take pride in our pioneering role in groundbreaking capabilities, and we are pushing boundaries and driving positive change for innovation, research and development.

Our vision and leadership extends beyond technology and innovation. By combining sustainability, innovation, and expertise, we are redefining the possibilities of steelmaking. EVRAZ North America is committed to shaping a sustainable future for North America and beyond, one that is powered by renewable energy, driven by forward-thinking and creativity, and guided by our unwavering commitment to excellence.

​Research and Development

We’re closing the gaps and meeting the demands of emerging,
low-carbon energy markets through:

  • Development of technical and operational capabilities to produce hydrogen and CO2-qualified pipe and connections

  • Multi-year development and testing of steel and steel pipe in high-pressure, 100% and blended gaseous hydrogen environments

  • Partnering with industry, academia and regulators to develop new standards, codes, and guidelines to support the development of hydrogen and carbon capture systems

  • Establishing a new state-of-the-art R&D Center of Excellence dedicated to hydrogen, carbon capture, and other low-carbon energy

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