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Energy Tubulars


ENA is one of the largest producers of energy tubulars in North America, with capacity of 1.5 million tons, including ERW and seamless OCTG (“Oil Country Tubular Goods”), high-frequency welded (HFW) line pipe, and helical submerged arc welded (HSAW) pipe. We are the only fully vertically integrated North American producer offering a portfolio covering down-hole solutions through long-distance energy transmission.



ENA is the leading producer of OCTG in Canada with operations in Camrose, Calgary and Red Deer, Alberta; and Regina, Saskatchewan. In addition, we produce seamless OCTG casing from our Pueblo, CO mill, serving major energy basins across the United States. With full heat treat, threading, and finishing capabilities (including semi-premium and premium threads), ENA supplies some of the most demanding energy applications.

Key Applications: convention oil and gas, non-convention shale, thermal oil sands, geothermal, and CO2 and hydrogen storage.

HFW Line Pipe

ENA produces HFW line pipe at our Regina, Camrose and Red Deer facilities, in sizes from 3.5 inch to 24 inch OD. Line pipe is available with external polyethylene, fusion bonded epoxy and abrasion resistant coatings, as well as internal epoxy coatings.

Key Applications: gathering and transmission lines for crude oil, natural gas, CO2, and hydrogen.

HSAW (Spiral) Pipe

ENA was an early pioneer in large diameter pipe production, and we remain one of the largest suppliers in North America. With proven heavy-wall, X80 grade capability, our Regina HSAW mill is one of the most advanced facilities in North America and has supplied many of the largest pipeline projects on the continent. available with external fusion bonded epoxy and abrasion-resistant overlay coatings, as well as internal epoxy coating.

Key Applications: transmission lines for crude oil, natural gas, CO2, and hydrogen.

Evraz EVRlock

EVRlock connections are manufactured and measured to precise tolerances down to the micron, with engineered features that provide reliable service for the most challenging wells.

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)

ERW Casing and Tubing:
Outside Diameter: 2 3/8” – 16” (60.3 – 406.4mm)
Wall Thickness: 0.19” - 0.545” (4.8 – 13.8mm)
Grades: H40, J55, L80, N80, P110 ,E80, HC L80, HC P110, ENA P110 HCI, ENA L80 HCI, ENA P110 RY
Lengths: Range 1 – 3

Seamless Casing:
Outside Diameter: 7” – 9 5/8” (177.8 – 244.5mm)
Wall Thickness: 0.317” – 0.595” (8.5 – 15.1mm)
Grades: K55; HC K55, HC L80, HC P110, HC Q125, ENA 110 MS, ENA P110 HCI
Lengths: Range 1 – 3

Connections: STC, LTC, BTC and Proprietary EVRlock Semi-Premium and Premium connections for conventional and unconventional drilling applications.

HFW Line Pipe

Outside Diameter: 4.5” – 24” (60.3 – 610mm)
Wall Thickness: 0.109” – 0.500” (2.8 – 12.7mm)
Grades: API 5LB through X70; ISO 3183 grades L245 - L485; CSA Z245.1 Grades 241-483; Proprietary Sour Service
Lengths: 40, 60 and 80ft (12, 18, and 23m) nominal

HSAW Line Pipe

Outside Diameter: 24” – 60” (609 – 1,524mm)
Wall Thickness: 0.312” – 1.00” (7.9 – 25.4mm)

Grades: API 5L X42-X100; CSA Z245.1 Grades 290-690
Lengths: 40, 60 and 80ft (12, 18, and 23m) nominal

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