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Premium Rail

Our Pueblo mill has supplied rail to America’s railroads since 1881. Today, ENA Pueblo is the largest producer of premium and standard rail in North America, capable of rolling all AREMA sections, and offering industry-leading head-hardening capabilities.

Our Rail Product Highlights

  • Melted & Poured in the USA with EAF technology and 98% recycled scrap

  • In-line, mist-quenched head-hardening that exceeds AREMA standards

  • Laser profile and optical surface defect detection systems

  • NDT suite with real-time ultrasonic testing

  • Qualified supplier to all North American Class I railroads

ENA’s is currently constructing a new state-of-the-art rail mill to offer customers 320’ premium rail sections, with integrated continuous welding and best-in-class technology for greater rolling

efficiencies and geometrical precision.

Download Specifications


Up to 80 ft.; CWR up to 1,600 ft.


115RE, 119RE, 132RE, 133RE, 136RE, 141RE, 141AB


All standard AREMA grades; premium grades DHH, OCP, DS, IHHS, HH, APEX G2 HH

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