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Wire Rod & Bar

EVRAZ Pueblo produces wire rod, coiled rebar and specialized products for construction, infrastructure, automotive and other applications. With vertical integration into Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steel billet and strong technical expertise, ENA provides a tailored offering to meet unique customer needs, with the capability to develop and supply the most complex and specialized grades. Our products exhibit excellent drawability, tensile uniformity, microstructure and chemical control, providing customers with superior, consistent performance, and excellent value.

Wire Rope

Our wire rope is produced to rigorous internal standards which meet or exceed industry specifications. Compositional aspects such as segregation control are achieved by controlled melting, casting and rod cooling practices. Surface decarburization is controlled by our walking beam reheat furnace practices, and our ultra heavy duty no-twist V-Block ensures exceptional dimensional control, allowing more accurate prediction of finished wire properties. Precise controlled cooling of the rod is possible via our modern Stelmor cooling conveyor. Our processes

produce carbon steel grades of 1045 up to 1093 to meet the tensile refined grade requirements.

PC Strand

We employ selective scrap control along with electromagnet stirring both in the mold and below the mold to ensure our products meet the demanding requirements of this application. Tensile Refined grades are typically employed in these applications due to the requirement of precise final wire/strand tensile strength.

Tire Bead and Cord

The high strength, flexibility and adhesive qualities of steel bead and cord make it an ideal rubber reinforcing material. We produce 5.5 mm high-carbon rods to meet the high quality standards required by our customers. All heats are carefully analyzed for chemical components and the wire rod is critically inspected for surface and internal defects. Each heat of steel is processed as a single unit under controlled conditions.


Our coiled reinforcing bar represent some of the highest quality rebar products in the world, exhibiting excellent tensile and yield strength, as well as deformation uniformity, microstructure and chemical control.

Wire Rod

Low carbon, medium and high carbon (control-cooled), high carbon tensile refined

Sizes: 0.197 -0.750" (5.5 -20 mm);

Grades: 1003B to 1093, high carbon tensile refined, high carbon chemistry

Coil Weight: 4,600 -5,800 lb

Coiled Reinforcing Bar

Sizes: 10-19mm, 10M Metric, 15M Metric;

Also available: ASTM A615, ASTM A706, ASTM A-36, dual grade, and CSA; also available in Grade 40 and 60 smooth bar in rod diameters between .197" to .8125"

Coil Weight: 4,200 –5,800 lb

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